AARO HARJU, Ph.D., is the Secretary General in Citizens´ Forum and a chair person in Finnish Adult Education Association. He has been an organization­al leader in the non-formal educational field and in NGOs for more than 30 years, and a chair person in FAEA nearly eight years. Aaro Harju is interested in education and training of people, and in the issues of civic participation, civic society, and deliberative democracy all through his career. He is the author of many books addressing civil society and association­al world, and he has also written a book on adult education. His expertise has benefited the work of many national committees and governmental work groups.


ANJA HEIKKINEN is Professor of education in the School of Education, University of Tampere, Fin­land. Her research has focused on transformation of vocational and adult education, from historical and cross-cultural perspective, often with view on sex-distinctions and equality. She has been active in national and international research projects, as­sociations and networks of vocational and adult education, and of history of education, and has coor­dinated the research network Vocational Education and Culture since early 1990s. She is currently en­gaged in projects like Freedom and Responsibility in Popular Adult Education, Promoting Regional Well­being through Adult and Vocational Education, and chairing the research group Equality and Planetary Justice in Adult, Vocational and Higher Education.

Contact: anja.heikkinen@uta.fi

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