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Adult Education in Finland

How to define non-formal adult education?

In Finland the term non-formal education covers the general adult education opportunities provided by non-formal adult education institutes defined by the The Liberal Adult Education Act. The Liberal Adult Education Act provides both for operations and funding.

There is a long tradition for lifelong learning in Finland. There were about 340 non-formal adult education institutes in Finland and the number of the students in these institutes was 1,2 million people in the year 2010.

The essential feature of non-formal education (i.e. liberal adult education) is the diversity of curricula, voluntary nature of participation and use of learner-based methods.

The institutes set up objectives independently and they have independent responsibility over the usage the state subsidy. In the state budget non-formal sector covers about 165 m€ of the resources allocated to adult education in Finland in the year 2012.

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